Getting failed in enjoying sleep as early as you hit the sack is a commonplace problem that a great majority of people in our society faces. You must be aware of the fact that we hardly come across such a person who does not complain about insomnia or something like getting less sleep. The point is most people around us get failed in sleeping on time with the result that they do not get adequate sleep and this is something that affects their body in a negative way.

So in order to help you solve this problem, we are here to recommend some 16 foods to you that will surely help you to get quick sleep on your bed.


You can get the benefits of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron by consuming figs. This is the famous statement of Jaclyn London who is known as Nutrient Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute. She says that these minerals are very helpful in blood flow and muscle contraction that play a major part in making you fall asleep so early. In addition, figs make you contented with the additional fiber that they contain.


If you eat watermelon, you should come to know that eating watermelons helps you to remain hydrated ahead of your going bed because it eradicates your hunger pains that are satisfied on account of the fiber of watermelons.

3.Sweet Potato Toast

It is the advice of Jaclyn London that sweet potatoes must be used in your toasts which you should eat for its better result in getting sleep. You can get potassium, magnesium, and calcium from the consumption of sweet potatoes to immense help for quick sleep at night. Moreover, if you manage to use honey and just a pinch of sea salt, the benefits of sweet potato toast would be increased manifold.


Pistachios are loaded with protein, vitamin B6 and magnesium. All these things play a major role in bringing better sleep to your eyes. But you should practice extreme caution in consuming nuts. Just manage to eat one ounce of nuts because if you would use nuts in a great amount, the chances are that they will influence your sleep in a negative way.


Prunes contain vitamin B6, calcium, and magnesium along with many other nutrients that work well to create that very hormone that is extremely effective in regulating your sleep. You can eat prunes as your whole-grain toast topping. You can also get it mixed into trail mix or you can make your mind to eat them in their simple form just ahead of thirty minutes of your going to sleep



When the water level of your body decreases, you find yourself on the verge of facing the problem of insufficient sleep. It is for this reason that the experts put emphasis on your consuming watery fruits that prove quite helpful in getting sound sleep. So you must bring cantaloupes and other watery fruits to your home to get their benefits.

7.String Cheese

If you manage to get whole-grain crackers along with string cheese, you would notice that this is a combination that would really give you enough amount of protein and this is something that inordinately contributes to the factors working for your timely good sleep.

8.Nut Butter

If you think of getting peanut butter or almond and then manage to place it on banana or sweet potato toast, you would definitely come to know to your surprise that this is a very good combination proving immensely helpful to you in getting dozed off so early.

9.Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is something that has potential to make you feel drowsy just in a couple of minutes. Chamomile tea also works tremendously to make you have soothing nerves before you plan to head to your bed. Experts say that herbal teas are hydrating and they tend to sooth your digestive system like ginger tea.


If you use just a bowl of oatmeal along with some coffee, you would get great benefits stemming from this combination of coffee and oatmeal. The fact is that the grains in the oatmeal produce insulin production just as whole-grain bread does. We would also like to make it known to you that they raise your blood sugar and you begin to feel sleep in this process.

Experts say that oats are high in melatonin that works so well you to make you feel like sleeping.


Almonds are loaded with tryptophan and magnesium and these two elements work well in relaxing human body in a very good manner. All you need to do is just to eat a handful of almonds and you would feel like getting sleep in a couple of minutes.


If you make up your mind to consume cherries along with some nuts and oats, you would be influencing your sleep habits in a very positive way. The combination of cherries and nuts and oats proves a good source of getting melatonin for you and if you manage to get a regular dose of this combination, you would begin to go towards having a very good sleep.


Medical experts say that turkey is a good source of getting tryptophan that is metabolized into serotonin and melatonin and we want to tell you that these two things are immensely aiding to you in getting good sleep.

14.Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate does possess serotonin that works so effectively to bring your body and mind in a very comfortable condition while making you get sound sleep in line with your desires. But there are also other health benefits that usually accrue from consuming dark chocolate.


Experts say that the potassium and magnesium of bananas prove so helpful in relaxing human body. They say that vitamin B6 found in bananas is used to convert tryptophan into serotonin and this is something that enhances the period of your relaxation.


Hummus is a good source of getting tryptophan. Experts say if you leave your bed while feeling some hunger, it means that you could not get sufficient calories during the previous day. So it is for this reason that experts recommend that you must consume some hummus the day ahead of your night so that you can get better sleep.